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October 24 at 9 am, 2015, "ShangCai ﹒ city new world" cup of zhumadian, opened in the third session of the national automobile field cross-country open well henan mechanical and electrical team four big sen's expectations in the compny, events, again in the finals of the professional, respectively achieved good results of the fourth grade, 11th.

Ready to go

It is understood that the competition for the national games, the game points professional modified group, the mass production, production group B and group A female group of four categories. Attracted from all over the country more than 20 cross-country rival, 50 professional modified cars and 100 amateur racing, about 200 people attended. On behalf of henan's mechanical and electrical team xiao-dong zhao, zhao, hong-wu liu, r forward four contestants took part in the professional group game.

They are in the fierce competition, with professional technology and good psychological quality, has achieved the fourth grade and 11th, respectively. This is the big, henan mechanical and electrical team get the best results in national competitions.

Fighting in wars

Final result table

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